Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Well, I feel like I can finally breathe. What a weekend!!! We had our first Disciple Now at our new building and it was amazing! To say that I am proud of my husband is a HUGE understatement. I have always considered him a great youth pastor, but this past weekend I was SUPER impressed. He planned such an increadible DNOW...we had 120 kids attend(when last year we only had about 60ish!) It was so organized and we had over 20 salvations...isn't that amazing!? Things would pop in my head that needed to be done and he had already done them! ... And the reason I'm tired...we had ten 10th grade boys staying at our house. It had gotten so big that we didn't have enough homes. I was happy to do it but am now praying for Poe girls more than ever! Boys just stink! HA!

Now this week is a little more low key. Catching up on all of those shows that I missed and trying to relax a little. My house is still a mess and I don't even care. My kids have been pretty mellow at school (which is nice) and the fact that we only have 61 more days of school is pretty refreshing! I am a mean teacher though...I just sent a little girl to a Kindergarten class to learn how to be honest. She has either forgotten or never learned in the first place! (Aren't I horrible!!?)

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