Monday, February 13, 2006

Another year older...

What a weekend! With everything that went on, it made getting one year older not so bad! ...Well, it all started with a phone call from Matt on Thursday afternoon. I was to take Krozby to the vet after school and he told me that, instead, I needed to go directly home and pack a bag. I was so excited and had NO idea what he had up his sleeve. After I got home, I did what he said, and he drove me to downtowon Dallas to the historic Magnolia Hotel. The hardwood floors, wood paneling, 8 window seats, and view of the Reunion Tower and "green building" made it all so amazing! We had so much fun hanging out in downtown and just relaxing, for once, in our room. It was so fun to wake up in the night and see the downtown lights shining in! ... I was also surprised by a new ring tone on my cell phone with a new, pink razor on the other end. Matt was so proud that he got one of the two that they have at every Cingular store and that I was one of the elite few to have the darling thing! .... After hanging out downtown the next morning, we went home and mom and dad came. The rest of my weekend was full of presents, cake, fun food, movies, lots of friends phone calls, shopping, pics (the annual 'nose' picture for the 27th time) and much more! My birthday made me realize, as it always does, how very spoiled (and blessed) that I am!

Then, on Sunday night, we went to the annual Four Corners Church Valentine's Banquet. It is so much fun to get all dressed up with my husband and hang on to that little piece of "college function life" that I loved so much! We had too much fun dancing to the live band and taking many pictures with my parents and our friends. What a great weekend!

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