Friday, January 27, 2006

Why Abilene Sometimes Looks Good...

Well, last night I experienced one of the down sides of that I rarely experience, but hate when I do. As I was on my way to dinner with 3 of my sweet friends, I got in the WORST traffic jam! Apparently, there was a wreck on 75 and I traveled about a mile in a little under an hour. It was miserable! Because of it, we missed our dinner and had to reschedule!! Don't get me wrong, I love being a Dallas girl, but I hate stuff like that. In Abilene, you can get everywhere in 10 minutes and life just seems to move at a slower pace....I like that! Even though I love where I am, what I do, what Matt does, etc...sometimes Abilene just doesn't look so bad! ...Oh well, because of the dinner cancelation, I got to relax at home with my husband! We watched many of our tevoed shows and ate a 'home cooked' meal. (Nothing fancy!) He had been in Waco all day preparing for summer camp and I felt like I hadn't really seen him in days...he even came back with cute Baylor sweat pants and a t-shirt for me...what a good husband!

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