Monday, January 23, 2006

Surprising Mom...

Well, Matt and I decided to be sweet and give mom an early birthday surprise this weekend. So, with many lies in place, we drove to Abilene and arrived at my parent's door at about 8:00 with 2 anxious puppies and a huge balloon bouquet. To say she was SHOCKED is an under statement. She couldn't believe that we were there and it was so fun that neither she or dad knew that we were coming. We just kind of lazed around, but I'm glad that we got to be in Abilene to celebrate Mom's 55th a few days early! (she'll probably be mad at me for revealing her age!)
Anyway, after church yesterday, Matt and Brooks watched football while I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! Our house was the yuckiest that it has ever been and I was actually excited to clean it. I did get into a small fight with the SOFT SCRUB and ruined my favorite pair of sweats and our bathmat! Oh least they're clean, right? It's going to be nice to come home to a clean house today! I always LOVE that!

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